Finally, a way to grocery shop without going to the grocery store! That’s right; we will do your shopping for you. Simply make your order online, specifying your store or stores of preference. We do the rest.


There just isn’t time or energy to make it to the grocery store.

You are having a party.

You have too much work.

The kids just don’t make shopping easy.

You live too far.

You would like to go and play golf …..

Whatever the case may be, don’t get stressed; don’t worry about it; just leave the shopping to us. 

With our store to the door delivery, your products are fresh and bought as if you were shopping for yourself. We will do our best to select produce and perishable foods, that are the most fresh, as if shopping for our own families. We will follow your instructions in the list or in an e-mail sending us list of groceries, all the specifics, your supermarket of choice, your address, with directions, & a drop off time. We will then confirm by e-mail, or by phone, and then deliver to your doorstep your groceries.


You will be:

Saving time you can spend doing other things you enjoy.

Saving money you will not be spending on impulse shopping and conveying.

Getting fresh produce directly from the market of your choice.

Paying the same amount the store charges even using sales or coupons plus our service fee.

 You can:

Order in advance or for the following day.

Pay cash, with a personal check and soon with your credit card.

Order groceries or any other product from a local store.

Prepare your own list and we will  go and buy it at the store prices or you can choose a previously designed package.

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